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  • #SelfcareWithCi September

    #SelfcareWithCi September
  • 30 Days: Self Love

    30 Days: Self Love
  • Self Love 2.0 – Lets start over!!

    Self Love 2.0 – Lets start over!!

#SelfcareWithCi September

Hey readers, I’m back… yaaaaay!! Whats new, have you missed me? lol 🙂                 Since my last blog post, I’ve taken the time to re evaluate what I…

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Karma has no expiry date

Hey readers,  Welcome back to my second blog post as ‘Ci’ My first blog wasn’t really a ‘blog, blog’ so here it goes… Since being away I’ve had a chance to reflect on life, write…

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You Cant Microwave Greatness

Hey readers, welcome back to my blog, I hope 2019 is treating you well so far. I mentioned last year I had content for dayyyyssss, which is true – But after receiving some words of…

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The Year Of Being Blindfolded

Hey readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR – Welcome to my first blog post of 2019. I’d like to thank you all for your support and reading my blogs throughout 2018. It’s so crazy that I started…

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Is Friday Really LIT?

My people them.. Welcome back to another blog post. I listened to a very interesting podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk explaining how much he hates Fridays which made me think differently about my Friday’s going forward. This could be…

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