Second Year: Terrible Twos or Nah??

Second Year: Terrible Twos or Nah??

Whoo hoo…

You made it, TWO YEARS IN!!

Now it’s time for the hard work to start kicking in.

When your arguments start getting a bit more tense, you start learning more annoying things about your partner and you’re slightly tired’ of his BS.

Things are serious now…’This ain’t no game gurrrlll, you better get yo life’

You become more in love with him, you understand him more and he’s officially your best friend #BFFL

Ok, so you now have a ‘ride or die’ so to say, everything seems perfect but then…


His female friends you haven’t met before decide to show face.

It’s kinda strange because when did they come into the picture – I need answers.

They’re friendly, the typical ‘Your girlfriend is pretty’ type of girl *Rolls eyes* 

Your boyfriend tells you ‘She’s got a man she’s not feeling me like that, just chill’ – The most famous line of all time.

They might misplace their manners and call / message him at dumb a clock to have a ‘conversation’or to tell him ‘Scarface’ is on… (This has happened to me and I’m telling you it didn’t go down well lol)

Note to unknown female friends

Know your boundaries when calling my fella please, respect me and I’ll do the same.

We have Sky, we know when Scarface is on. Thank you 🙂

Ok enough shade… let me give credit where it’s due, some guys put these girls in their place. 

They’re not trying to have their girlfriend stressed over silly situations.

This calls for a celebration dance ‘Go best friend, that’s my best friend’ 

I’m not saying all girls experience this in relationships… but for the ones that have, we all know that one female who says she doesn’t like your boyfriend but deep down feels him heavily. 

Despite the unknown females and arguments you’re still going strong and loving him more as each day goes by.

You’re growing a healthy romantic relationship and working on your flaws to be better for each other.

But things don’t feel the same.

Is it the two year curse that falls on relationships? Do you need to rekindle the spark?

You know you don’t want to leave him and understand lasting relationships take hard work and


BUT, why is it so hard to make things right with your best friend? 


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