Year Three: Love vs Communication Breakdown

Year Three: Love vs Communication Breakdown

Year three can go two ways (In my opinion) 

You’re either drunk in love or struggling to get it together. 

Let’s start off with Love – It’s always good starting with a positive.

Your relationship is beautiful; you’re all over your babes as you’ve fixed whatever issues were causing strain in your Terrible Twos.

Life couldn’t be more bliss, your communication is perfect (well near enough)

You enjoy each other’s company and already planning where you’d both like to buy your first property (depending on how advance you both are)

At this point he may be thinking of popping the question towards the end of the year or maybe in year four (Wink Wink)

You both really took the time to understand each other when things went bad. 

He understood your pain and you understood what he needed from you to be perfect for each other.

Relationships like this take a lot of time, effort and commitment. 

It also requires the right formula to get what you want from the man of your dreams.

In my opinion the right formula includes:

1. Friendship

You need to be his friend before anything.

Its all good saying your best friends but do you really understand him, is he 100% comfortable telling you everything?

Be his biggest fan; never go a day without telling him how much you support his dreams and how proud you are of what he has done so far for your future together.

I hate to say this but try watching his favourite sport, it may not be the greatest thing in the world if you don’t enjoy it, but its an opportunity for him to teach you something he’s passionate about.  

You never know… you might love it (after watching it a hundred times) and learn a thing or two.

It’s nice having ‘boy talk’ with your babes

Not everyday man dem… Wifey’s got you lol.

Once they see how much you value their friendship only good can come from this.

2. Communication

It may be hard to communicate with your partner at times but it’s the best way to allow him and yourself to have transparency in your relationship.

You need to be honest with your feelings, even when it’s hard to explain how much he’s annoying you.

No matter what you tell him, he should be comfortable with you to understand its all said with love.

You may need to tell him things which could be ‘embarrassing’ but who cares.

It’s always best coming from you rather than a stranger; he may be a embarrassed but he’ll respect your honesty. 

He should do the same with you. This is a major key in a relationship.

It’s taken me sometime to understand communication, but if you don’t explain to your partner what’s wrong they can’t help you.

Men are not mind readers, if you have a problem talk about it, if you have a slight tiff it’s not a big deal, remember ‘Teeth and tongue have to meet sometimes’ you can’t be happy, happy, joy, joy every day.

Arguments are healthy in a relationship, as long as its resolved and NEVER pushed under the carpet you’re good.

3. Affection

Express how much you love your man; give him unlimited hugs and kisses whenever you get the chance.

Chemistry is a big thing in a relationship; it gives you a sense of security, good vibes and an ‘I just love you’ kinda feeling lol.

Sending cheeky and loving messages throughout the day keeps you both entertained and constantly smiling at your phones.

Keep the spark going girl.

Remember ‘You got the juice’ be confident and act like your juice doesn’t have an expiry date.


4. Adventure

Last but not least, have FUN… without this what do you have, what will you tell your growing family

in the future?

Book spontaneous weekends away, plan active dates rather than dinner and stay at hotel’s on a work night.

Try something different by creating a front room tent using bed sheets and dining chairs whilst having a romantic Netflix and chill night with your favourite snacks (this is fun and Coco approved btw) 

Do whatever you budget can handle, as long as you’re both having fun and enjoying each others companies its all good. 

Again this is my take and personal expereince on what formula to use for a healthy and happy relationship – this is not gospel

It all looks easier said than done, but who said love was easy.

PS.. If you wanted to know how to make a tent in your front room, please click here

Happy building lol x

PT3.5 – Communication Breakdown

Out Sunday 31st July


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1 Comment

  1. Marie M
    March 29, 2020 / 7:58 pm

    Yikes…. I mean I think we’ve all been there when it comes to communicational breakdowns with our partners, or maybe some ladies are just lucky. (Not me though lol)

    I love how you’re so open with your feelings and really giving us the emotions on loving someone but still not communicating with them as you want too.

    I needed this right now – thank you for sharing Ci

    Marie xxx