First Year : Honeymoon Stage

First Year : Honeymoon Stage

One thing I’ve learned about relationships is our ‘Honeymoon stage’ gets you hyped, it creates a picture perfect relationship which doesn’t exist.

Kinda like Jay and Beyoncé… listening to both Lemonade and 4:44 pretty much confirmed our favourite #RelationshipGoals couple is not perfect.

Reality is arguments will happen, ‘Teeth and tongue fall out sometimes’ meaning you’re not always going to like what your partner has to say, but you learn how to meet in the middle to understand their point of view to move on. 

In-between your cute Instagram selfies, midnight cuddles and Facebook ‘In a relationship’ status changes, you’ll pick up on annoying traits your partner has which will slightly put you off at first.

Like, not washing out his plate after dinner, leaving clothes on the floor, leaving the toilet seat up (THE WORST), playing FIFA for hours when you want attention

(Ladies if your man still plays PlayStation/Xbox you know what I’m talking about lol)

Despite the negatives, let’s focus on the cute things your man will do:

  1. Send you flowers at work
  2. Dress up extra cute for date nights
  3. Tell you how much he loves you  (You got the juice)
  4. Make time to see or speak to you every day – (In my case it was both)
  5. Send good morning messages to make you smile. 

He has you LOVE STRUCK… no one compares to him.

You’re so gone that you’re what’s app’n your friends telling them he’s the one whilst you’re singing Beyonce’s hook on ‘Jay Z – Bonnie & Clyde’

He’s got you so hooked you’re thinking about planning your future with this man.

You’re legit thinking of picking up his clothes off the floor for the rest of your life because you love him that much.

Yes you’re smitten, yes he’s your Kanye, yes he’s your world… but hold up… we haven’t explored the world yet.

You just touched down to Gatwick airport boo.. your passport is still fresh, you haven’t received your luggage… slow down. 

Let’s see what this so called world has to offer.

Honeymoon stage is like your first year of university… Spontaneous, fun and not too much hassle. The real work starts in your second year.


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1 Comment

  1. Yazmin
    April 23, 2020 / 2:36 pm

    Whoooo… you took me out with this post lol.
    Guys have us so weak in the first year then we see our senses or fall for the trap of finesse.

    Great post, gonna read pt2 nowwwww xx