CTRL Z Trash Friendships in 2017

CTRL Z Trash Friendships in 2017

Hey guys, I’m back with another blog post.

As promised I’ve decided to discuss the importance of having REAL FRIENDS around you. 

Some might question what the term ‘friend’ really means.

Well… let me give you the official meaning: 

F R I E N D – / Frɛnd /


A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Synonyms: Companion, best friend, close friend.

Antonyms: Enemy

Found via Google

Now that we’ve got that out the way, let’s get into the nitty gritty about friendship. 

In my last blog post ‘Self Love 2.0’ I quoted the following;

“Energies play a big part in your life.

If you choose the wrong people to share your journey, you can end up being in a cycle of confusion and stress”

Believe it or not, positive energy is something all people should strive to be around; especially with people you call your FRIENDS.

On the 23rd October I decided to do a soul cleanse of friendships which serve me no purpose. 

During my soul cleanse I’ve been focused on friendships who genially care about my wellbeing and vice versa, as well people who promote positive energy.

Doing this has spoken job opportunities into existence ‘GO TWIN’ (Whoop whoop lol) and given us more ideas to get closer to our dream of financial freedom – this 9-5 life is not for us at all lol.

The not so pleasant side of my soul cleanse has made me realise some friendships are just not for me.

I’ve let go of people who speak negatively about EVERYTHING, its not everyday drama… Sometimes wake up, unscrew your face and be positive about the luxuries and life you live. 

I’ve removed people who borrow money and never return it… these type of people make my blood boil. 

How can you owe someone money and have the cheek to phone their phone, stunt on social media and ask for more money on top of the 29.9%APR loan you gave them last week?

Are you Joanne the Scammer… behave!!

Lastly I’ve removed people who pretended to have my best interest at heart, but only befriended me for their own personal gain. 

Imagine people befriending you to mess you up in the process, or to get what they need from you and bounce.

Ahhhhhhh, I could tell you some stories but I think I’ll save that for another blog. Stay tuned… AGAIN lol. 

I’m not tooting my own horn (well actually I am) but I’m one of the best friends a girl/guy could have. 

If I genially like you; you better soak up these blessings because I’m very selective with who I call friends. 

I take great offence when I waste my TIME and ENERGY into someone who doesn’t recepicate my pure intentions. 

The only thing I don’t mind giving to others is my ADVICE. 

Even though their intentions may be false, I may have helped them in difficult situations which was my calling. 

God will bless me for my good deeds so its all good.

Oh yeahh, Oh yeahhh!!

Doing my soul cleanse hasn’t been easy – I’ve had a few confrontational disagreements and wasted saliva on people who deserve nothing but silence. 

Its crazy because you may think you have your friends all figured out and POW!!

They switch up on you like Morley’s in Catford, who no longer serve Milkshakes smh 

(That really hurt my soul… boss man pleasssssse bring them back lol) 

That’s probably not the best example so let me give you a few to play with:

  • It’s like your favourite makeup company changing its foundation formula
  • Nike telling us they’ll no longer produce AF1’s (Real AF1’s heads will understand the pain)  
  • Pizza Hut not giving us the option to have free salad whilst we wait for our food LMAO!! 

Can you see how people can switch up on you without warning… lol?

In a nut shell, friendships either expire or develop to be something great.

BUT when friendship expires, throw that person in the recycling bin and never look back.

In some cases you never really know who your friends are until something BIG happens, when I say big I mean a life changing situation which requires them to step up and be the friend they claim to be.

It could also be petty arguments; money issues and the most killer one of all time, SUCCESS!!

When you’re doing well in life some friends can’t handle it, they may want to see you do well but not better than them. 

Sometimes they don’t want you to do good at all… them type of people are weird, don’t even argue with them just part ways quickly and do you. 

If you’ve heard the term ‘Misery likes company’ that so called friend = Misery and they want to + you for company which should never be an option or thought in their mind. 

Your so called mates might also reveal their true self when you tell them NO… I’ve tested a few snakes in my past with this one and it didn’t end well. 

To cut a long story short, they didn’t like my response and I didn’t like their reaction – They got cut off quickly.

There’s no telling what needs to happen for your so called friend to show their true colours, but trust me when that times comes.. you’ll be in for a surprise… Smh. 

Currently remembering all the good times I had with someone, to realise it was all a lie. #KanyeMood lol.

Whatever the situation may be, you’ve been put in this predicament for a reason.

God is showing you who your friends are, he’s showing you who should cross your bridge of friendship and who should follow in Lot’s wife’s footsteps and turn into a pillar of salt lol. 

If a trash friend tries to cross your bridge with confidence, SHAKE IT UNTIL THEY FALL OFF.

No fake energy will not be tolerated over here bruh.

They are not welcome to pollute your air with negativity due to jealously and whatever rubbish they hold in their heart.

Over the years I’ve realised the disappointments I’ve experienced from people have been a blessing in disguise.

I’ve learned the HARD way with a lot of my friendships which I’m thankful for now.

At the time it felt like the worst situation to be in, but I can now transfer my experiences with friends, younger family members and my platform to make you aware of the company you keep.  

Once you’ve learned your lesson/s, move forward with your life and thank your past mate for being a Judas..aka sell out, liar and fake friend lol. 

The reason why you should thank them is because they taught you how over come betrayal and helped you close doors which were never for you to open. 

It may hurt to remove people you thought were in your life for the long run but such is life, you’ll get over it and meet new people who will be there to support you in more ways than you ever imagined. (If you don’t have them already)

Its definitely easier said than done… trust me I know, but always remember your self worth and future depends on YOU and the choices you make in life.

Plus you’ve just saved yourself some money for seasonal holidays and birthday presents, you should be celebrating lol. 

My last bit of advice is to wish a hater good luck and kill them with kindness.

When you see them in your local TescoSainsbury’sLidl (Don’t act like you don’t shop in there) or Marks and Spencer’s if you’re fancy lol, say hi and keep it moving.

It’ll confuse them but it’ll allow you to be at peace. 

Never allow a hater to pay rent in your mind, the whole point is to forget them, why are they still in the picture, mooooovvveeee man!

With that being said I’m so thankful for the friends I have now, they are truly a blessing… especially my twin.

I don’t know what I’d do without her… she’s been my Judge JudyLakisha from Power and personal therapist for 17yrs and counting.

Love you twinny x

I hope you enjoyed my post, let me know if you want me to discuss more friendship topics in the future. 


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