Trust Your Instincts.. Please

Trust Your Instincts.. Please

Hey MVR’s…. Welcome back to another blog post.

I know I’ve been away for a few weeks but wooooow… it’s been a busy life which has been quite difficult to control.

As promised on twitter earlier this week, I’ve posted this blog for those who’s been missing my positive vibes, banter and dramaaaa lol.

This will be short and sweet as I’m in the process of changing website for ya’ll 

Trust your instincts 

The past few weeks has been a blessing and curse all wrapped in one. 

I’ve managed to let go of some trapped anger I had with some people I considered my family, as well as discover some friends are not as ‘friendly’ as what they portrayed. 

Trusting your instincts is one of the most important life skills I have learned to master over the past year of my life. 

I used to always second guess my thoughts and sometimes feel I was being too harsh on people for thinking of them the way my mind/spirit perceived them. 

I’ve caught many L’s by being hard headed, laid back (which is a complete oxymoron), but trust me it’s possible lol.

Not processing my thoughts and not understanding what my instincts are telling/warning me about, has also been a big issue for the majority of my adult life. 

I’m going to get straight to the point and not sugar coat my blog…

Some of your friends are playing you… yes Justin isn’t really your ‘Darg’ and Jennifer isn’t really your ‘Bestie’

People pretend to like you for their own personal gain.

Some will go to extreme lengths to be in your presence to rob you of your positive energy, to pull you down to their level of insecurity, loneliness and pain. 

We’re all aware of the quote “Even sugar looks like salt” ​

If so, how can you be so sure everyone around you wants you to do well. 

I’m not saying some of your friends dont want you to go far, but some of them dont want you to go further than for their own selfishness. 

My pastor and big brother mentioned the above tweet earlier this week and it made me realise I have a few friends like this.

No shade… I still love you, but if you think we’re not gonna get this money SIDE BY SIDE you’re ‘blofffing’ lol.

You will not be above me, my creativity, my greatness and the way God’s got me won’t allow such foolishness.

Its either we’re equal, or delete my number after reading this post cos your mind is moving backwards. 

How can you want me to go far but not furthr than you (scratches scalp) 

We gotta have that Asahd and DJ Khaled love out here, I want us to congratulate each other like Diddy when he found out Jay Z was No1 on Forbes list. 

If you don’t want to have that kind of love for me or support me like Diddy, go away please lol.

I’ve had some real messed up friends and so called ‘in-laws’ who went to the extreme of breaking me down by being my best friend, calling me every day and supporting every movement attached to my name. 

All was fine and “Knock knock” Mrs/Mr Jealously knocked on my door, blocked several blessings and acted as if they we’re not responsible for these misfortunes. 

They consoled me whilst pretending to be my support system, stabbed me in the back and watched me sink in confusion and sly depression.

The gag is… I knew these people were trouble, I never got a good feeling about them when I was introduced to them.

Even my mum warmed me about them and I still didn’t listen. 

Words of Wisdom:

When mum tells you about your man, friend’s or life… LISTENNNNNNN.

They are the plugs of all plugs. 

Back to the blog…. lol

I still surrounded myself with these cocroaches, knowing they were no good and knowing I could get burnt.

For the sake of ‘putting up with appearances’ I nearly lost myself and everything that meant the world to me. 

Everything that was already mine was taken away from me due people being licky licky (Lover of money) and jealousy.

I can laugh about it now because I’m living my best life with plenty of W’s coming my way.

Yesss, I know I was silly, naive and hard of hearing but I got the last laugh.

I feel like Mariah Carey, that’s all that matters lol. 

Moral to the blog;

In religon we call it spirits, in science we call it energy.

In the streets we call it vibes, all im saying is… TRUST IT!!

Your energy never lies. 

Thanks for reading MVR’s it’a been fun xx


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  1. August 2, 2019 / 8:38 am

    Why didn’t I know you in March 2018, because this whole post was my LIFE – when chile! But we thank God for realisation and kicking bums to the curb!