7hrs In Dam – HBD Dad

7hrs In Dam – HBD Dad

Hey readers,

Welcome back to another blog post

Today’s post is a short and sweet memoir in memory of my dad and to celebrate his late (a month late as writing about him is still pretty hard for me)

To make this year extra special I took a day trip away to Amstadam as he’s always wanted to go and soak up their architecture, food and scenery which at first I was confused, but after going myself… I was IN LOVE.

My sister was kind enough to book the flight for me and I made my way to Dam to check off my dad’s ‘to do list’ which I know he’d enjoy.

As much as it was bitter sweet, I found myself quite emotionally drained and guilty for enjoying a holiday which wasn’t for me… I felt like I couldn’t really enjoy myself, as the one person who was meant to be here couldn’t enjoy the food, fashion and architecture the way he would have wanted too.

It made me miss him 10x more being in a place that was his dream and I couldn’t share it with him

This birthday was extra emotional as I reminisced on the past, thought of all the wild things we would of got upto if we were in Dam together, which then made me appreciate life so much more knowing I’m ticking off my fathers goals each day at a time, making me no longer feel bad for being in Dam… but to embrace I’ve been given the opportunity to see the world though his eyes for one day and enjoy stuff which wouldn’t normally interest me.

I no longer felt sad… I felt accomplished…

I made a promise to myself that every year I’d go to Amsterdam for my dads bday… just to remember him at his greatest, to remember him at his funniest and most importantly… accept that my dad liked quick smoke from time to time when my mum was doing his head in LOL

I’ve created a YT video showcasing my trip and my travel goals *10 countries by the end of  2019* (When you work full time and you barely take AL… this is gonna be a challenge, especially as the year is almost over lol) so yeah… 10 countries by next year sounds about right for me lmao.

Anywhooooo – Thank you for reading today’s blog… and allowing me to be completely free thinking with my feelings on such a sensitive yet special day of my life.

Until next time readers… *Waves*

PS… Shout out me for already hitting up four counties thou – God made me use my AL WISLEY this year LMAO**

OK.. the blog post is done for real now… byeeeeeee xx


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