2018: The Year of the Butterfly Who Lost Her Wings

Hey readers,

welcome to my LAST POST OF 2018 – Happy New Years Eve

Usually everyone says the year has gone by quickly, but for me its felt like our usual twelve months lasted a whole twenty-four months *Side eye*

On January 1st 2018 I posted my first body of work to start the year off right called;

‘The Year of the Butterfly’

This blog post featured quotes such as ‘My hard work will not go un-noticed and I look forward to receiving unlimited life chances for my growing family and friends’ which pretty much came to life as my two best friends blessed me with beautiful baby girls, Anji and Liza who I love so much.

As for hard work, my late nights and early mornings paid off, I won’t say to much but God blessed me with a few ventures which I’m dying to share with you once the times right.

As much as I encouraged you all to be go getters, work smart and strive for greatness, it almost felt like everything I prayed for in 2017 was in front of me, but wasn’t ready to be mine throughout 2018.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the quote ‘We have rice at home’ 

Well, 2018 kinda felt like I ate rice every day whilst others sipped on the finest Sholor and ate the sweetest pepper prawns in front of me LOL.

I was on a high with unlimited ideas, around blessed and good people but something wasn’t right.

Even thought I was blessed with success for my future, I still had a whole in my heart which seemed like it was forever bleeding from trauma which I wouldn’t or couldn’t let go of. (Deep init lol)

I’m going to be so real with you guys, I’ve never cried so much in my adult life until I bucked 2018 uno.

Listen, I cried real tears which I thought was impossible to leave my eyes.

I even told my twitter people them that my tears could fill the River Thames, its been that real lol.

Before all these tears, I lived by the rule, ‘You’re allowed five emotional minutes in the day, then you gotta keep it gangster’ but clearly I had no gangster in me this year lol

Life felt like that little boy who though 9+10 = 21 LMAO

As you all know, I took a break from blogging for a while to rebrand as well as a few personal issues.

I basically had a  mini mental breakdown from emotional trauma which set me back big time.

Its like as soon as the clock struck Feb 1st (my birthday) my enemies saw the strength I was coming with and cut my wings, causing me to be static, lost and idle as I watched what could of been me to ‘Better luck next time G’

Looking back at everything now, I can confidently say it’s my fault, I can see where I went wrong and can laugh at my mistakes.

Luckily, I learned from these mistakes which took me a while, but also taught me patience, with patience I learned to plot and with those two elements I learned to take my power back, smile in my enemies faces, confuse them like a dodgy sat nav and be pimple free in Dec 2018 lol

As I stood still, idle, I moaned about everything going wrong, felt sorry for myself and run my body down even more when all I needed to do was make new wings.

Making new wings simply means, accepting your L’s and switching up Plan A with Plan A.1

Not everything will go exactly to plan, sometimes mistakes need to happen to open your eyes to new growth and opportunities which can work in your favour.

I’ve paid close attention to a few cockroaches this year and noticed they’ve enjoyed winning small battles (quick wins) because their brain won’t allow them to think big.

When the real prize/success is to win the war. (Lengthly but once completed you can confidently live your best life whilst the cockroach’s cry blood lol)

Anyway, getting back to what’s important, throughout 2018 I was convinced my enemies finished me, when really I lost my wings because God had a bigger plan for me.

He saw the enemy/plan wouldn’t work with my current wings, but showed me what was mine as an incentive to TRUST him and the PROCESS

The wings I had wouldn’t serve me purpose for the journey I’m going on, God needed me to be still and patient to create a set of wings which will support my struggles and win the war for what’s already mine.

As much as I had a stressful 2018, my Batman wings are ready for 2019.

I’m excited for my journey and can’t wait to see you all fly with me.

Thanks for reading my butterflies

Cī you next year 💗


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