Karma has no expiry date

Karma has no expiry date

Hey readers, 

Welcome back to my second blog post as ‘Ci’

My first blog wasn’t really a ‘blog, blog’ so here it goes…

Man writing on macbook pro

Since being away I’ve had a chance to reflect on life, write some fire posts AND actually pick up my camera to start vlogging again. 

Reading some of your DM’s and emails saying my blog posts have helped your relationships, friendships and self esteem made me realise I gotta forget about the BS thats going on in my life and continue to make a difference in the lives who enjoyed my content.  

Never did I ever think my words of wisdom would be someone else’s truth, motivation or healing.

For that I’m so grateful to everyone who checked in on me during my break and those who motivated me to get back to blogging because they wanted season 2 of my Relationship Series lol. 

During my break away I’ve learnt that life is one hell of a roller coaster; sometimes we put ourselves in a bubble of stress or depression because we’re trying to understand how we got ourselves where we are now.
The truth is, that’s only going to make matters worse, and it’s only going to add further stress to your mind as those answers are now no longer relevant.

What’s relevant is how you’re going to get back on track, drink your 8 glasses of water a day and look cute with your natural popping highlighter.

(Clearly I’m back on my BS and epic punch lines)

For me I’ve allowed a lot of BS to slide with people I considered family and weirdos that shouldn’t have got my attention in the first place.

I allowed my undercover lovers (i.e haters) noise to distract me from my greatness and that’s where I messed up.
Speaking to one of my Motivational Monica honey’s made me feel recharged.
Krissi had me ‘feeling myself, feelingggg my self.. I’m feelinngggg ma’ – (Sorry lol) within minutes of me speaking to her. 

I don’t know how Krissi done it…. but she made me realise I’m gaining weight and ruining my ‘fine girl, no pimple’ face for people that really deserve my silence. 
Krissi made me feel like Naomi Campbell when completing community service in her infamous Dolce & Gabbana gown in  2007 LMAO. 

Can we appreciate how elegantly auntie Naomi turned a rock bottom moment into a catwalk of confidence with style and grace. 

This is the level of Zero Damnnssss I needed and will forever replicate from today onwards #Iconic

Krissi explained I was letting my enemies win (this round) 
I made them rise because I allowed them to stop me in my tracks and entertained their BS.

What I should have been doing is staying tunnel vision with blogging, my numerous business ventures (stay tuned for some greatness soon) and most importantly my mental wellbeing.

Due to their own insecurities, jealously, lack of ambition and dehydration, my greatness intimated them. 
They tried to break me down for them to feel important and worthy because they couldn’t handle to see me win… and most importantly being a success which has already manifested because the God I serve makes no mistakes (Amen)

The bottle line is… my undercover lovers are cockroaches.

They will forever follow in my footsteps and still get the directions wrong. 

My mission is to confuse them just as God confused the three wise men, travelling back to King Herod to confirm the birth of Jesus Christ.

The post code I’ve given these gargolyes has  caused sooooooo so much headache, that they’ve been racking their small, small brain questioning was the link up even worth the petrol (in their case TFL ride)

How sad of them and anyone to plot on my downfall… don’t you realise they can’t make your next move until I make mine? Durr!!

Back to blog…. 

My message to my readers is to never allow anyone to distract you.
This goes for family, friends and even relationships.

No matter how hard the battle is or how stressed you think you are ALWAYS remember;

  1. God’s got you forever – Put all your trust in him, PRAY and your all seen and unseen torment will be removed from your life. 
  2. To be careful of the people you share your secrets/stress too – 50% don’t care (everyones got their own life to live and don’t have time to stress/worry about your drama) 45% are happy you’re going through it (because they’re bad mind or don’t you doing better than them for their own selfishness) the remaining  5% will be your backbone, thinking of new ways to support and motivate you during your dark times. (You’ll be surprised who’s included in the 5% crew)
  3. It’s ONLY a few bad days, sometimes weeks, maybe months and in my case years… but your time will pass – Patience will be your new best friend 
  4. No bad deed goes unjust 

I may be going through it but I’ve been blessed with so many other successes which I’m thankful for. 

All my L’s are lessons and blessings in disguise. 

BUT don’t let me gas you thinking it’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy… sometimes I have mini melt downs which can be stressful but I get through it. 

You’ll always win your battles when you’re clean hearted, you’ll catch a few L’s in the process which is ok and expected,  whats life without a few road humps. 

It’s difficult to make you understand the violations I’ve been through, as I’ve expressed a lot of my emotions in a few of my other blog posts and I’m sure you lot are thinking;

“What the hell is this girl on about, is it everyday words of wisdom and lessons on life” lol  Soon enough everything will make sense.

In the words of Ms Marie aka mum… “Nothing is before its time” 

And when its my time… ohhhhhhh imma use my enemies as a footstool whilst hen’joying a juicy Jerk Jackfruit burger and a chillleddddddd supermalt.

To conclude today’s blog, I want to leave you with some #WordsofWisom ;

‘Never be angry or seek revenge on those who have made your living situation difficult’

‘If you can be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you’ve escaped’

‘Always love, even when they deserve a serious duppy lick’ (translation from Jamaican slang: Always love, even when they deserve a punch in the face)

‘Never question God’s work – He’s sure and aways on time’

‘God won’t leave you guessing, so stop stressing’


Lastly, remember this one word, five letters and two syllables 


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  1. August 1, 2019 / 7:40 pm

    “The bottle line is… my undercover lovers are cockroaches.” – just one of the many gems in this blog post loooool

    But honestly, thank you for being so open and letting these haters know that they can watch all they want – we’re always going to succeed in the end!