2019: The Year Of Being Blindfolded

Hey readers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR – Welcome to my first blog post of 2019.

I’d like to thank you all for your support and reading little old me.

I started this blog for fun and now its turned into my therapy to release my emotions and life lessons to others who may need support.

I’m so excited to see what 2019 has install for me, in all fairness I already know a small percentage of blessings which has got me hyped already.

This post won’t be long as I know some of you might not be in the reading mood.

I just wanted to write a short post about being constant with your dreams so they become reality.

Even when you feel like its taking forever to get to the end of the tunnel of happiness or whatever your striving for, KEEP GOING!!

Everything seems so much harder when you’re getting closer to your victory which I’ve learnt the hard way, I was one of the most inpatient people in the world.

I hate to say it but its kinda like ending of Birdbox when ‘Girl’ thought her mum was telling her to take her blindfold off, but really the evil spirits were trying to entice her because she was getting closer to being free from their torment.

#WordOfWisdomMoment: We always get that one gargolye that will try and break you down when they see you’re almost at the finish line,  you have to stay true to your vision and keep going no matter what. Yooo… Birdbox had a message for us still, the movie was 7.5/10 – Bravo Sandra Bullock. 

Anyway, back to the blog… 

When I wanted something, I wanted it there and then, I never understand the hold up and it would drive me insane having to wait for something which I ‘felt’ could be sorted in a millisecond.

The universe was like ‘Ohhhhh, you think you’re me yeah, you think your way of handling things is better than how I’ve been doing my ting since fo’eva, iight imma show you something real quick’

The universe taught me that not everything can happen when you need/want it.

Not all ventures/people are for you, if the vibe/door is locked leave it alone.

STOP trying to force friendships, relationships, ventures which isn’t co-signed by God man, because when things go wrong you’re the first one to cry when no one told you to farssse up yourself in something which didn’t concern you lol.



Sometimes the things we want isn’t what we NEED – it’s that simple.

Situations which may feel unfair may take time to reveal itself because you don’t know the dangers in front of you. We need to learn a few valuable lessons during this time of confusion/upset to see how trusting and patient we can be.

Once we’ve learned we can move on to level two lol

Seeing life like this has been hard, it almost feels like every morning when wake up, I’m greeted with a punch in the face to see how I’m going to react lol.

But with every ‘Punch’ I’ve learned to duck, dive, and strategise to block the fist trying to finesse my face  lol.

Its been hard and trust me I’ve wanted to go Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield mode but trusting the process, and praying to God has kept me going.

If you take anything from this blog, please NEVER GIVE UP, even when you have no fight left, keep pushing as a boost of energy will strengthen you to get you through your struggles.

Whats for you will never pass you by, but without trust and patience… fo’gerrrittttt!!! lol

If you want to apply this blog to relationships/friendships, always remember the clean hearted always win and the cockroach people dem will perish – Have a read of ‘Karma Has No Expiry Date‘, that will give 10/10 energy lol

Keep striving for greatness, continue to be the best version of yourself and if you ever feel like giving up… my DM’s/emails are always open to you all.

Enjoy the first day of the year and make sure your plan A and A.1 is bullet proof to win the war of living your best life.

Stay blindfolded to block out the BS  and believe in yourself always lol xx


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