8 Days of Blogmas: Old Skool Movies at Christmas

Hey readers,

Welcome back to day 4 of my blogmas posts, only four more days left whoop whoop!!

In todays post I’ll be sharing my favourite movies to watch during the festive holidays.

Last year I shared a few new skool movies on Netflix, but this year I wanna change the stigma of watching only christmas themed movies and dabble in some classic movies which deserve some airtime before 2018 is over

  1. Paid In Full
  2. Roxanne, Roxanne
  3. Jackie Brown
  4. Thin Line Between Love and Hate
  5. Reservoir Dogs
  6. Why Did I Get Married
  7. Why Did I Get Married too
  8. Love and Basketball
  9. The Best Man
  10. The Best Man – Holidays(If you don’t watch this during christmas you’re mad)

I hope you enjoyed todays post, comment below if you’ve seen any of these movies

Ci you tomorrow xx 🙂


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