Green Emoji Heart: Jealousy in friends

How can someone so pretty cause so much strain to my life?

You presented yourself with love and happiness, but deep down you are so ENVIOUS.

You wish me well, whilst plotting my downfall.

You want my life and would do anything to be me.

You mimic my persona and lifestyle to feel superior… is this an obsession?

My mum questioned ‘Is she really your friend, does she really want the best for you?’

‘Can you confidently trust her, because I think she’s fooling you?’

I then realised, whilst I said goodbye to the love of my life you sympathised but deep down smiled because you now have the attention I once received.

You wanted my ‘benefits’

Hows that working out for you?

Wanting others to HATE me, but check in from time to time to see if I’m fine.

What a spiteful woman you are, now I understand your drinking habits and weekends by the bar.

How upsetting that you’ll read my poem, and like it on my social media platforms

How upsetting that even with me knowing your JEALOUSY, I still love your child like he was my own.

Shame on you for slowly killing your family and ‘friends’ for your gain of wealth

Should I be surprised, maybe it’s your mental health?

I wish you all the best in life because only God can judge you

But next time, don’t interfere with your friends’ lives if they never asked you too.

Maybe this poem will help you see how disappointed I am in losing a ‘sister’

It’s ok, you were never my family – I should have listened to my instincts

Thank you for showing me what jealousy can do to one’s soul

Thank you for giving me the courage to speak on this topic, shout out to you for the inspo.


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