HBD To Me: Letter To Myself

Happy Birthday my G,

As grandad Giscombe would say;

“Another Year pon di F#?k@r dem” – Man I miss him and his potty mouth LOL!

We thank God for blessing you with another year of life.

Not gonna lie, with the drama you’ve experienced over the years I’m shocked to still see you smiling and enjoying life to the fullest.

Your friends and family who are no longer with you are gassed to see you blossom into the woman you are now.

They are certainly watching over you and guiding you through life as each day goes by.

I’m proud of your achievements, your drive to always WIN and most importantly your kind heart.

It’s nice to see you’ve finally incorporated the word NO into your vocabulary – You were a total mess before lol.

The last two years were kinda rocky, or should I say ‘spiritually and mentally draining’

It was so obvious Elizabeth was a snake, you knew that from the first time meeting her, thank God she’s now gone.

Not going to lie, you handled the situation well, she’s kicking herself because everyone knows her wahala was a waste of time and money LMAO.

Jealousy can really make people do some messed up things; let’s hope Liz learned her lesson.


Better luck next time babe.

(Elizabeth is defiantly reading this as she stalks my Instagram every day via differnt accounts

This is for you Liz;

‘Hiiiiii Hatteeerrrrrrrr, Heeeyyyyy’ LMAO!!


For next 365 of days of being twenty-eight years young, I want you to do the following;

  1. Remain humble

  2. Stay Focused – Tunnel Vison

  3. Continue to love your family and friends unconditionally

  4. Always find time for yourself (You don’t do that enough)

  5. Channel your inner Mariah Carey because “Harlem world we wont stop.. and Mariah, shes on fiyyyaaaa” (Said in Mase Voice)


A Visual of how life will be for the next 365 days of being 28.

In Jesus name.



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