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  • I know What I Bring To The Table.. Great, Eat Alone G!!

    I know What I Bring To The Table.. Great, Eat Alone G!!
  • You Cant Microwave Greatness

    You Cant Microwave Greatness

Karma has no expiry date

Hey readers, Welcome back to my second blog post as ‘Ci’ My first blog wasn’t really a ‘blog, blog’ so here it goes…   Since being away I’ve had a chance to reflect on life,…

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Thank you, next

Hey readers, Welcome back to my blog… I can’t believe its been nine months since my last blog post. But I’m back, better and fully here to have you gassed on your journeys to work…

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Trust your instincts… please

Hey MVR’s…. Welcome back to another blog post. I know I’ve been away for a few weeks but wooooow… it’s been a busy life which has been quite difficult to control. As promised on twitter…

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Happy Side Chick Day

Hey MVR’s Welcome back to another post filled with real life relationship (or situationship)  humour us ladies and gents can all relate too. This blog is kinda late as your ‘Boyfriend’ will usually call/message in the…

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Cuffing Season: Championships – Valentines Day Special

Welcome to the finale of Cuffing Season, I can’t believe the season has gone by so quickly. The championships are here and our cuffing season players are read to claim their trophy. It’s been a…

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