Sunday brunch at Dalloway Terrace

It’s only been three days and I’m already missing one of the prettiest restaurants I’ve visited all summer.

Dalloway Terrace is a traditional yet chic conservatory styled restaurant, gracing the public with tasty meals to have you coming back for more.

I was lucky enough to enjoy a well needed girly brunch date with Lee-Anne, known as ‘What’s Her Name Again’  who also blogs lifestyle, travel, beauty, hair and fashion.

We both enjoyed the ambiance of the beautifully bathed natural lighting and it’s relaxed seating arrangement.

Once I’d taken in the scenery, I confidently chose the Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes with Lemon curd.

My pancakes were fluffy, topped with raspberries, blueberries, lightly drizzled maple syrup and dusted elegantly with icing sugar.

I can positively say they were the best buttermilk pancakes I’ve had in London.

This may be a bold statement, but I’ve tried a few hot spots in my time and nothing comes close yet.

Would it be crazy if I said I’m considering going back on Sunday for seconds.






As if this little luxury spot couldn’t get any better…. Well it did.

Not only does this restaurant provide first class food and beverages, the Dallowayhave “commissioned leaders in nutrition, health, fitness, beauty and integrative medicine” providing an impressive smoothie/juice menu.

The Juicery is perfect for health conscious and curious customers to enjoy tasty beverages which have notable health benefits.

The menu displays an impressive selection of ‘Welleco’ protein powder smoothies, bespoke smoothie options, healthy shots and juices.

You also have the option to add boosters or protein supplements to your smoothies at an additional cost.



Boosters include hormone balance, antioxidants, energy and skin protection

Protein supplements include Whey, Pea or Hemp.

These are great pick me up’s in your perfectly blended beverages.

I opted for the ‘Greenwich’ juice featuring Beetroot, apple, pomegranate, carrot and mint leaves.

The deep plum juice had three health benefits which included:

Antioxidant, Cleanse and Longevity

FYI… The juice was so good I didn’t manage to take a picture, if you refer back to my pancakes photo, you’ll see a glimpse of my juice ‘Sorry Juicery, it was sooo good I couldn’t put my glass down’

After an amazing meal washed down with a healthy juice drink, I had a great chit chat with Lee-Anne about life, relationships, family and our favourite topic Interior design.

Maybe the Dalloway Terrace should be our permanent spot to create home mood boards?

Hmmmm… what do you think Lee-Anne lol.


Our lovely waitress suggested tea to continue our girl talk which went down like a treat.

I chose Earl Grey and Lee-Anne went for EnglishBreakfast tea – Both great choices in even better crockery.

Our tea was smooth and rich in flavour, I can almost smell the citrus aroma from my Earl Grey.Presentation seems to be the Dalloway’s expertise.

The crockery perfectly matched our table decor,sporting gold trim tea cups and saucers in one of my favourite colours.

Our Sunday brunch at Dalloway was filled with laughter in a welcoming and comfortable settings.

So comfortable we ended up speaking to other guests who were equally impressed by the service and food.

I would recommend visiting this beautiful restaurant for special occasions, girly catch ups, or to give your Instagram page a splash of sophistication.


Harper’s Bazaar quotes “It’s an Instagram-worthy spot and complete revelation”

How could you not visit this London gem, I LOVE it…. Harper’s Bazaar approves… so its a WINNER!!

Dalloway Terrace is open daily from 8am, offering breakfast, afternoon tea, brunch and dinner service.

Table bookings is recommended, especially in the evenings and weekends.


For more information, visit the Dalloway Terrace website and follow them  on Twitter and Instagram for event updates.

Until next time Dalloway (I’ll be back for breakfast and dinner soon)

Oh and more pancakes… 🙂


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