Cuffing Season: Happy Side Chick Day

Welcome to the finale of Cuffing Season, I can’t believe the season has gone by so quickly.   Hey MVR’s Welcome back to another post filled with real life relationship (or situationships)  humour us ladies…

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Cuffing Season: Pre Season

Hey People, I’m back with another ‘Cuffing Season’ blog post. November is an interesting month as it’s ‘Pre Season’ for all participants of the cuffing season game. I call it a game because if you make the…

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CTRL Z Trash Friendships in 2017

Hey guys, I’m back with another blog post. As promised I’ve decided to discuss the importance of having REAL FRIENDS around you.  Some might question what the term ‘friend’ really means. Well… let me give you the official meaning:  F R…

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Cuffing Season: Drafting Stage

Summertime has officially ended – Fall has begun and cuffing season is in full effect.  It’s only a matter of time before your +4479 502 becomes a saved contact, ‘Jermaine – Don’t answer’ suddenly looks saucy and your ‘What…

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