Travel Q&A with ‘The Travel Connoisseur’

Hey everyone,

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As I type away in bed, watching Hollyoaks with the rain pouring down at my window, I really think a beach holiday is needed ASAP.

Today I’m here to give you tropical vibes by featuring the amazing Doctor Johnny aka

“The Travel Connoisseur” by doing a travel Q&A with East London’s finest. 

My fellow Arsneal supporter has some great blog posts, featuring his ‘Break In Brussels‘ and his ‘Day out in Paris’ giving you the low down for food, attraction and culture hot spots that will have you booking your next flight to France. 

Soo lets get right stuck into my Q&A


Coco: Hi Johnny, I’m super hyped about our interview.

I have 10 questions I’d like to ask you for my coco mania’s and future readers to know you a litte better.

C: Q1. Your Brussels blog post was amazing, If given three words, how would you describe your ‘Break in Brussels’?

Johnny: Blitz, Sweety (because of how yum Belgian chocolate and waffles are)

Educational because I learned that apparently chocolate has benefits to your health lol.

C: Chocolate is a fruit so it’s healthy in my eyes lol.



C: Q2. What’s your favourite thing about traveling?

J: Thats a really difficult one because there’s so many incredible things travelling the world brings.

I’ll try not to sound generic but my favourite thing is being able to take the break from your life routine: immerse yourself in new scenery, new air to breathe, new food and drink and new cultures and traditions to learn about.

C: Food is always a plus so I agree.

Taking in new scenery and allowing your mind to ‘think’ in peace is the best feeling ever.

J: It is, especially for us Londoners. Anything but this grey, cloudy weather please.

C: Come we drive to Gatwick Airport and act like where going on holiday LOL.

J: LMAO… The deceitfulness we would be posting


C: Q3. What do you do when travel starts to feel repetitive? How do you keep each destination exciting when the same options are available?

J: I’ll try taking different forms of transport to get to my destinations (e.g. go by train on one trip then via plane on another), the journeys would all be unique that way.

I vary my length of travel: for example I’m going Cardiff for a day out next month but in March I’m off to Naples for the weekend. Of course there’s the option of solo travelling or lads/girls holidays and you can also go extra and set yourself some fun challenges on your excursion.

I remember going with my sports team to Amsterdam and we had a list of challenges worth a number of points, some of my best memories came from the very challenges i did (I won’t go into detail about any of them haha).

Which pretty much answers the ability to keep each destination exciting.

C: Challenges sound fun, I’ve never done that before so I’m defo up for trying it out. I’ll be coming to you for help.

C: Q4.If you could only pack 5 items to travel with to your favourite county, what would they be?

Johnny: Portable charger, Passport, Tablet, Spare change of clothes, Bank Card.

C: Ooooh you thought you was smart there.

Clothes would equal as more than one item….. So what piece of clothing would you bring?

J: Nahhhh I tried LOL – Underwear.

C: Q5. What’s the most overrated country/city in your opinion?

J: Croatia. 99.9% of the people I’ve met who have been Croatia and their sole reason is to party.

Listen I’m a party goer and some of the best travel experiences discussed are from group holidays but there’s more to travelling than partying.

When I ask them about the country itself they struggle to, which is a shame because I’m certain Croatia is an intriguing place to explore partying aside.

C: I can’t fault your there with Croatia, everyone goes to party but never knows any history about it. It’s a shame.

I think as young people some of us get wrapped up in partying rather than the culture of the countries we visit. It’s a shame.

Maybe you can go to Croatia one day and give us the low down?

J: Yeah, I’ll be fully lecturing people on Croatia. 1st lesson history

C: Q6. So Dr John, you love travelling, would you consider having a destination wedding?

J: I’ll consider all possibilities. For me the expenses and logistics would be something I can overlook.

It’s an opportunity to get away to our own space. Destination wedding would be ideal for me and I partner if we want to have only our true, closest friends and family there celebrating one of, if not the happiest moment of our lives and to avoid having outsiders involved.

C: If you could choose a country where would you get married?

J: Hawaii

C: Niccccceee (Fabalous voice)

C:Q7. What county stands high on your bucket list?

J: Spain – Valencia

C:Q8. How easy would it be to find a job abroad in your degree?

J: You can never know how easy or difficult working abroad in your field can be till you go out there and test the waters.

As an aspiring Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor, there’s a good chance of finding something because the Fitness industry has been taking off in recent years, with the science of sport and fitness constantly evolving and being challenged plus there’s always the incentive for people to live healthier lives and stay in good shape, but you never truly know.

C:Q9. What type of traveller are you? Active or Calm?

J: Active definitely.

C: I’m an active traveller too, but I enjoy lounging around on the last few days

J: Loool – Sometimes you just have to let your body rest.

C:Q10. Do you have one favourite picture from all your travels to date?

J: It’s a snapshot of a building all the way from the Jardin des Tulleries Unquestionably one of my best displays of photography as of today.

This was taken when I went on my day trip to Paris late last year.

It’s the framing of everything in the photo, plus the sun coming out after a gloomy morning makes it even more special.

C: This picture is beautiful, thanks for sharing it with me Johnny.


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